Makeela B. Amani
Toronto-born & Brooklyn-based, Makeela B. Amani, share her vision by producing revolutionary images in various medium.

She creates visual arts in the following mediums: painting, sculpture, and jewelry design (mostly sterling silver earrings and middle-finger rings- depending on your finger size. :-)).

As a writer, she writes poetry (which she performs) and prose. She prefers to write what others term "eye-opening" work. She also dabbles in making eclectic digital music... just because she like to.

If you've seen it, you'd know, Ms. Amani produces visual art containing beautiful, loving and power-filled depictions of people in their daily lives, or harsh, revolutionary images that are said to smack convention with their anti-oppression themes.

She also pounds the keys on her laptop like a banshee to write stinging lyrics and poetry. And like a banshee, she shrieks hard-hitting heartsongs to her audience who nod heads and stomp feet in agreement with her inner thoughts agains oppression in the world, in love and in our souls.